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Kayo Chocolate Drink

This 7 oz, clear karo Drink bottle is a vintage rare item and may be unavailable soon. It is fabricated of karo and is in top grade condition, it as always with kayo, and the Chocolate Drink bottle series features an unique design that is customizable to customer liking.

Kayo Chocolate Drink Bottle

This Kayo Chocolate Drink tin is designed with design and offered as the Drink menu options, the Kayo Drink tops are 27 x13" in size and include tin design with the Kayo Drink menu options (such as Chocolate fantaisie and promised to give you the taste finally, the Kayo Drink bottle is 27 x13" in size and includes the Kayo Drink menu options as well as available as an optional extra. Overall, the Kayo Drink tin and Kayo Drink bottle are excellent in terms of design and functionality, Kayo Chocolate Drink is a delicious Drink made with hot Chocolate and sweetened condensed milk. It is excellent for a cold winter day, the Chocolate is add a little sugar and you are good to go! This Kayo Chocolate Drink porcelain sign extends an 12 x6 inch inscription Kayo chocolate. It is excellent condition and offers not been used or played with since it was created, the inscription is very beautiful and detailed, and the sign gives a very strong vintage. It is a top addition to collection, Kayo Chocolate is an unique and delicious Drink that peerless for a sweet tooth. This dish is sterling for a cold Drink during cold weather, the Kayo Chocolate is fabricated with unique and delicious ingredients that make it a splendid drink. The flavor is rich and flavorsome, making it a top Drink for the colder weather.