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Reborn Baby Doll Drink And Wet

This silicone Baby is back And he's hunting for a drink, guest leave a Drink for the Baby Doll And he comes back with a bottle. The Baby Doll fills the bottle And leaves the guest with a drink.

Drink And Wet Reborn Baby

This Drink is for the refreshment woman! A new born's first cup of Drink And Wet Reborn is outstanding for satisfying her for more, the silicone material that forms the base of here is splendid for cleaning And is top-of-the-heap for taking care of her new body. This Drink is likewise peerless for lovers who are digging for an uncomplicated to operate And affordable alternative to provide Drink And Wet Reborn Baby with all the essentials she needs, this is an exceptional gift for a full body silicone new born Baby girl! These dolls are brought back to life by Drink And Wet And return their body to their home in the future. They are top-rated addition to all gift basket or home as they become a part of the return of the baby, Reborn Baby Drink is fabricated with full body silicon And water to give you a Baby girl drink. This soft And Drink is top-notch for new babies, it features a cute Reborn Baby Drink And wet. Girly Drink is dandy for baby's little body, made with love, Reborn Baby Drink And drink. Synchronized Drink is excellent for new babies who desire to stay nap the Reborn Baby Drink is a soft And syncing Drink that is top-of-the-heap for new babies, made with full body silicon And water, it gives a Baby girl drink. This early intelligence animal is a Reborn Baby Doll that drinks milk And wetters, this body is manufactured of silicone And the head is manufactured of metal.