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Star Wars Drinking Glasses

Looking for a fun and exciting alternative to enjoy Star wars? Look no further than our new drinking glasses! These fun and stylish Glasses help to br the franchise to life with its own style, from the right side of the glass, there is a filling station logo which will command your attention. This drinking glass is a top-of-the-line substitute to show off your Star Wars fandom.

Vintage Star Wars Drinking Glasses

This 2-pack drinking Glasses set from vintage represents a top-of-the-heap blend of classic Star Wars culture and being a bit of a social drinker, the Glasses are blend of black enamel and white gold with black numerals and white stars on each side of the frame. The set includes two drink Glasses - one with an 8 x8 cm clear glass and the other with an 5 x5 cm window-equipped glass, these drinking Glasses are terrific for any Star Wars fan who loves nothing more than a good drink after a day of fighting or watching a movie. This is a beautiful vintage 1983 Star Wars drinking glass jabba the hut new, this glass is a little cracked but it's still in very good condition. The glass is a little smaller than average size, but it's still very beautiful, this drink glass is an unrivaled addition to Star Wars group or collection. This Star Wars drinking glass is a classic pieces a burger king, it is a terrific fit for your burger king party. This drinking glass is a vintage 1983 coca-cola color, it is fabricated of plastic and extends a brown and green drink on one side and a green and yellow drink on the other. The drink renders a green "d" in the center and the name of the burger king in the center, the glass is an excellent fit for your Star Wars drinking glass party. This yoda set is top-of-the-heap for individuals who grove on to drink Star wars! The Glasses are frosted giving you a peerless lookalike look of a you on a dark luke skywalker surface, these Glasses also come with a built in holder for your new Star Wars mandalorian baby yoda baby set toy.